Sports are a principal component in the the growth of young children.  Giving your child the opportunity to participate in sports at a young age can strengthen both their physical and emotional development.

Nonetheless, sports can be dangerous for children; this is especially dangerous if your child has an un-diagnosed health condition that requires medical action.  At American Family Care, we take the time to review your child’s medical history and provide them with a full examination to see to it that your child is prepared to participate in their favorite sports this year.  

Our physicals include:

  • Examinations of child’s heart, ears, nose abdomen, lungs and ears
  • Test of their balance, posture, strength and flexibility
  • Measurements of child’s height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate

American Family Care can perform sports and camp physicals on-site.  We are open Monday through Sunday 8AM-6PM.  American Family Care is located at 4713 Highway 90 Pace FL.  Our office hours are suitable for any busy parent’s schedule, come to our walk-in clinic for your child’s physical.  For more information, call 850-304-0694.